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MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
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Amazing MulchGardTM...

"A few days ago, the wind tore shingles off the roof, blew over the dog, and ripped apart the fence, but our mulch stayed put!"
- Chris M.
Boulder, Colorado

"MulchGard worked for me!"
- Chad S.

"Our Florida winds and rain had repeatedly washed and blown out a cypress mulch bed around some stepping stones in our yard. Then we applied MulchGard. Three tropical force storms later the mulch is still in place!"
- Bruce L.
Sarasota, FL

"I live at the foot of the mountains where the wind is strong, and the mulch would blow away, until I used MulchGard."
- Don P.

What is MulchGardTM?

MulchGard Professional Mulch Binder is an easy-to-apply liquid bonding agent which is applied to the surface of any mulched area. Once cured, our revolutionary formula binds mulch fibers together to form a cohesive, flexible mulch “blanket” which is extremely resistant to troublesome wind, washouts and erosion.

Super-bonding liquid polymer locks mulch fibers together
Mulch fibers treated with MulchGard are locked tightly together, yet still allow beneficial air, water and nutrients to pass through.

Prevents mulch loss due to wind, washouts and erosion
While the primary objective of MulchGard is to prevent mulch loss due to wind, washouts and erosion, you will soon discover that treated areas look fresher, and retain their beautiful, rich colors. MulchGard’s unique sealing properties prolong the lifespan of mulches. The moisture retaining qualities are also greatly enhanced as a result of slower evaporation of subsurface moisture.

Easy to apply, non-toxic and environmentally safe
MulchGard is super-concentrated and easy to use. Simply mix with water and apply with any handheld garden sprayer, or backpack-type sprayer. Each gallon of MulchGard Super Concentrate yields 5 gallons of bonding solution. For bulky mulches, mixing 1 gallon of MulchGard Super Concentrate with 3 gallons of water is recommended. For very large areas, truck or trailer mounted tank sprayers are recommended. MulchGard will not harm plants and shrubs. In fact, while careful application techniques are encouraged, incidental contact with plants and shrubs is not harmful and is used by gandeners, landscapers and tree service providers.

Available in 1, 3.5 and 55-gallon containers, 275-gallon totes and bulk tankers
If you are a landscaper, architect or designer, add MulchGard to your tool bag for reliable solutions. Imagine your mulch beds staying just the way you intended -- nice and neat, with no more ragged edges or wind-blown areas. In addition, MulchGard now enables you to install mulch in those areas previously reserved for rock and gravel, on steep slopes, next to ponds, around water features and swimming pools.

Once you realize the many benefits MulchGard brings to your landscape design and installation, you’ll know why the Pros insist on MulchGard Professional Mulch Binder. Every time!

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