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MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
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MulchGard Dealer:
"A few days ago, the wind tore shingles off the roof, blew over the dog, and ripped apart the fence, but our mulch stayed put!"
- Chris M.
Boulder, Colorado

"MulchGard worked for me!"
- Chad S.

"Our Florida winds and rain had repeatedly washed and blown out a cypress mulch bed around some stepping stones in our yard. Then we applied MulchGard. Three tropical force storms later the mulch is still in place!"
- Bruce L.
Sarasota, FL

"I live at the foot of the mountains where the wind is strong, and the mulch would blow away, until I used MulchGard."
- Don P.

MulchGardTM Frequently Asked Questions

Is it tested?

A: A lot of professional landscaper and arborists uses MulchGardTM. In fact, we supply a huge number of Bolton tree services in CT and in other states to help maintain and beautify gardens, lawns, and backyards.

How long does MulchGardTM last?

A: It depends on several factors, including type of mulch being treated, frequency of strong wind and/or heavy rain events, etc., but in most cases you can expect from 12 to 18 months of protection when properly applied. Some smaller, shredded mulches will exhibit even longer periods of protection!

Is MulchGardTM safe for pets and other wildlife?

A: Yes. MulchGardTM is non-toxic, and safe around people and animals when properly applied.

Will MulchGardTM harm my plants?

A: No. In fact. while careful application techniques are encouraged, incidental contact with adjacent plant material is not harmful. Of course, you would want to avoid applying directly onto flowers and shrubs. A "common sense" approach to application is advised.

I've noticed that MulchGardTM is milky white when applied. Will it stay that color?

A: No. MulchGardTM quickly dries clear, allowing the natural beauty and color of your mulch to shine through.

What kind of coverage can I expect with MulchGard?

A: Generally speaking, you can expect to cover between 125 and 250 square feet per gallon of MulchGardTM Super-Concentrate. Initial applications will require more product than subsequent applications. (mulch fibers will absorb most during the initial application.) Also, heavier, bulky mulches require more treatment than smaller, shredded mulches.

Does MulchGardTM prevent weeds?

A: MulchGardTM is not a herbicide. However, MulchGardTM will enhance your mulch's natural weed preventative properties.

Does MulchGardTM seal so tight as to prevent water and oxygen from reaching my plant's root system?

A: No. MulchGardTM will safely bind your mulch together, creating a strong, cohesive mulch "blanket" yet still allow for beneficial water, air and other nutrients to pass through.

After sitting for awhile in storage, it appears that some "settling" has occurred in my MulchGardTM container. Is this normal?

A: Yes. The active ingredients in MulchGardTM will tend to settle-out naturally over time. Simply mix before next use.

How much does MulchGardTM cost, and where can I get it?

A: MulchGardTM is super-concentrated, and economical to use. Just click on the Dealer tab to find an Authorized MulchGardTM dealer near you. Keeps mulch where you want it. How you want it. Nice and neat. Get MulchGard.

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