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MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
MulchGard in Action
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"A few days ago, the wind tore shingles off the roof, blew over the dog, and ripped apart the fence, but our mulch stayed put!"
- Chris M.
Boulder, Colorado

"MulchGard worked for me!"
- Chad S.

"Our Florida winds and rain had repeatedly washed and blown out a cypress mulch bed around some stepping stones in our yard. Then we applied MulchGard. Three tropical force storms later the mulch is still in place!"
- Bruce L.
Sarasota, FL

"I live at the foot of the mountains where the wind is strong, and the mulch would blow away, until I used MulchGard."
- Don P.

MulchGardTM Application Tips

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Pro-Tip #1: For best results, mix MulchGardTM Super Concentrate thoroughly before each use. Some settling of the active ingredients will occur naturally over time.
Pro-Tip #2: Apply MulchGardTM evenly over mulched area, saturating the top layer of mulch. For superior bonding strength, apply second treatment allowing at least one hour in between applications.
Pro-Tip #3: Avoid application when windy, or within 24 hours of recent rain, or if rain is expected within 24 hours.
Pro-Tip #4: Avoid walking on, or disturbing treated areas.
Pro-Tip #5: Treat mulch beds prior to Autumn. When leaves fall from trees, use blower to remove leaves from mulch bed while mulch stays in place!
Pro-Tip #6: For superior results on new mulch installations, begin with a thin layer of mulch treated with MulchgardTM, followed by a second thin layer of mulch treated with MulchgardTM. The two layers will bind together for added strength.
Pro-Tip #7: Thoroughly rinse all application equipment immediately after each use. MulchGardTM will safely bind your mulch together. It will also bind your application equipment together for no extra charge! You'll forget this Pro-Tip only once!
Pro-Tip #8: If MulchGardTM accidentally comes in contact with an unintended surface, simply wash away with water. (You may need to use a rag with water in some instances if too much time has passed. MulchGardTM will begin to set up quickly.)
Pro-Tip #9: If area being treated is irrigated, shut-off designated zones during application, and for at least 24 hours after application. MulchGardTM will begin to cure quickly. Complete curing occurs within 72 hours.
Pro-Tip #10: Store MulchGardTM in a cool, dry place. Avoid freezing.
Pro-Tip #11: Be creative. MulchGardTM will allow you to install mulch in places you've only dreamed of. (often previously reserved for rock and gravel only.) Even those tiny chipped mulches are now a viable option for spectacular new textures in your landscape design.

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